As I've already written in the foreword, our ranch celebrated the 10th anniversary in 2005. Our breeding has started a bit earlier; we bought our first horses from Mr.Kohut from Kohutov in 1994, there were three mares, one stallion and one foal. These horses were the very first Appaloosas imported to Czechia. We still have two of the mares, the third one has unfortunately died. The stallion from this group, DREST TO IMPRES, needs to be mentioned. Even he is not in our property anymore, he will be The Stallion No.1 for us. He worked in our breed for 10 years, and restrainedly, he was our teacher. I hope that he'll keep on his good work by his new owner and our good friend Eva Zuzjakova.
The purchase of five Paint horse mares was another breakpoint. We kept three of them after a shortlist. Later on, we purchased another two mares and one stallion. The stallion was SKIPS DIABLO BAR, and he worked for us for 4 years. He proved his qualities in stud and under the saddle during this period. He took part in several contests at our ranch and elsewhere. We sold all Paint horse mares during the time, and we kept only one stallion, DALLAS HILL BAR. In the end, he was neutered in 2005.
The big change took place approximately in 1998. While we organized contests, we favorized herding disciplines, mainly the cutting. It has determined our future focus. In a short time, we imported our current stallion IMA DOCS CLARK and the mare DOC MISS SAN TARI. Furthermore, the mare SWEET BABY DOC came to us. The stallion COLONEL GOLDEN BAR has been leased from a good friend of us. We hope that despite all the heavy training, time and money investments, we will be able to present our breedings at tiltyards, too.
These are the most important points in our breed.
Also, I'd like to mention the people involved. There were many, but I need to pinpoint one. It was Martina K., who worked here with us from the very start, continously for as much as seven years. I believe that she can fulfil her own dreams and wishes now, after she had helped us.
Many, many thanks to all the others.
Please enjoy our gallery, you will find there different horses (both the named here and others) and some of the foals we bred.